What's on my ear?

Marcy prince.jpg

See this pic of me in my retro bathroom? That thing on my ear is from Prince. 

Yes... I kid you not. He tossed this to me at a concert. We locked eyes for a split second and I felt my hand flying up to grab what was his cool looking ear cuff. Time froze in my mind.

It was incredible to see this musical genius perform and to remember that it took work, commitment, sweat/tears, and laser-like focus to do his work.

I saw it as a sign. Maybe not a Sign of the Times (wink wink for you Prince fans) but another kind of sign.

It was a sign for me to embrace my own calling to create. I put the ear cuff on and felt energy of what creating can be. Sizzle. Exhilarating. Hard. Easy. It was all there. 

Every emotion comes up in the process of creating. You suck. You rock. Ride it all. 

I taught myself to paint. I started a business. I wrote a novel. I rode horses. I painted them. I made lots of jewelry. I sold it. I started. I stopped. 

Here’s what I know: Prince didn't get to where he was by only playing in his basement. He created and put it out there.  

Some of it was genius. Some of it was ho-hum. Some of it was bad. No matter what he kept going. 

That, my storytelling friends, is it. Keep going. 

I have Prince’s ear cuff on right now. I can feel the call of creation. Tonight I will create an artwork. I will make time to allow this to happen because I feel the siren's call to make something. 

It feels like a gift to create. Maybe a sign?