I don't need any support, I'll go it alone. - Said No Successful Person 



Have you ever thought...

I'm going to explore options of starting a book. I've thought about it for years.

Have you ever told yourself, I'll write four hours a day, which turns to one hour a day, and then, turns to ZERO hours? What happened to all that resolve? 

Do you think things like, I'm going to step back and think about what area I want to share with my tribe?

Why isn't my writing 'hitting'? I mean I'm trying but nobody seems to react to it.

Or I'm not sure I should share my life experiences online. I mean I do need to be employable! 

Or I don't have the time or money to focus on this right now. I'm sure if I try on my own I'll figure it out.

Can you read between the lines here?  

All of these things are called resistance.

Resistance is a dream killer, if you let it. In my humble experience the answer is always do it NOW! There is never a good time. Life will happen. Guess what?

You can easily carve out 10- 15 minutes a day to start.

If this sounds too hard then maybe it's not important to you or you have an ever bigger pile of resistance to using your voice.

Becca Enters

I'm sitting a table in a grubby southern restaurant thinking about butter biscuits when my friend Becca slides in the booth. Today is different than the other times we've been at this same diner. I have a plan and I won't take no for an answer.

Becca has told me about her screenplay. Notice the word 'told'. She hasn't put pen to paper. Apparently, it's all it her head. It's living in the floaty space that gets zero criticism but likewise gets no reward. The story floats along the same as early morning mist. It looks beautiful and then it's gone. 

Today's my day to stop this. I say the words but cringe when I hear them. They sound harsh.

" I don't want to hear anymore about the screenplay until you write it."

I see Becca's stunned face.

"Here's the deal, I'm going to call you every single day and you're going to tell me what you've got down. It can be 10 words or 10,000. It doesn't matter but you have to get it down. 

Tears roll down her cheeks. I don't know if this is good or bad.

She whispers," What if it sucks? What if I look like a fraud?"  

I tell her that she can write it for herself but also for me. That's all she needs to think about right now.

Fast forward....

I call and even go to her house when she doesn't pick up the phone (we know each other really well).

Six months later, she enters her screenplay in the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 7,442 scripts were entered and she was a finalist! 

What does this mean to you? Well... 

You need two things:

#1 Accountability from someone who cares and will follow up.

#2 A small group of other people who are writing and putting things out there.  

I want you have have these two things.

Do This for You. Sign up for the Beta Mastermind for 1 month.

You get:

  • 1 months of sustained accountability and help (It takes a village!)
  • Group Coaching calls
  • One on one help from me (You get 2 x 45 min sessions) 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Laser-like prompts to get your voice more revved up 
  • Focus on exactly what you're working on at the moment
  • You can call, text, or email me if you need help or a pep talk.

I feel so strongly about this program that I'm offering a refund deal during the first 2 weeks provided that you participated and did the work.

The only way to release resistance is by taking action but action all by your lonesome isn't enough. You deserve more. You deserve to be a producer, not a only a consumer. 

I'm offering this value to you for $300 for 1 month. We'll start on May 22. 

Just the one on one sessions alone are worth $500 at my normal rate!



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