Now's Your Chance to Keep the Momentum Going


Hi Storytellers,

Don't lose momentum! Keep going! Many of you have messaged me or asked on our Office Hours Calls, about the next steps.

I've put together 3 packages to blow the pen right out of your hand.

I've cried. I've laughed. I've wanted to hug you. I've also wanted to stop you from holding back.

Let the YOU pour out on the page. I would be lying if I said this was easy. It's not but you must do it. You can stand out in the sea of voices online. Really.  

Let's go on the next journey together. I promise to bring my lantern, my southern accent, a gentle dose of kick ass, and my favourite canister of never give up. 

Saddle Up and Join Me!


One Payment of $147

 In the beta course, Shirley showed us her delicious writing area. Inspiring!

In the beta course, Shirley showed us her delicious writing area. Inspiring!

Option #1: Beta Alumni

This option gives you lifetime access ONLY to Gravitational Storytelling: Draw Your Audience To You which includes:

  • Continued access to this course once the current beta ends May 3, 2017  
  • Being able to join every live launch of this course in the future
  • Having access to all the upgrades to this course with improvements (by May 22) including (but not exclusive to):

                *** A new section on What to Do When You Don't Know What to Write

                *** More Guided Meditations

                *** Other improvements to videos and pdfs

Normal rate: $797 - You save $650

One Payment of $597 (you save $49) 

or 2 Payments of $323

You Choose at the Checkout!

Option #2: Mastermind group

This option gives you everything in Option #1 Plus:

  • 2 months of sustained accountability and help (It takes a village!)
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • One on one help from me (You get 4 x 45 min sessions over the 2 months) 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Laser-like prompts to get your voice more revved up 
  • Focus on exactly what you're working on at the moment

Starts on May 22, 2017

Just the one on one sessions alone are worth $800 at my normal rate!

One Payment of $897 (you save $79) or 4 Payments of $244

You Choose at the Checkout!

Option #3: Beta 4 Life

This option gives you everything in Option #1 and #2 Plus:

  • Access to every online course that I will ever make no matter the price!!!
  • Plus a money back guarantee if for some reason I don't make them
  • Courses include: The Best Way to Move People to Action, Make Your About Page Sing, and more!

The courses alone are worth over $1500 - It's a no brainer! 

PLUS...BONUSES? Yep! worth up to $250!!!

Guided Meditations Exclusively for You!

  • Permission to Write
  • Releasing Your Story
  • Power-Up Your Writing
  • Flow Words
  • Go Big

A Value of $197


Rid Your Writing of 3 Flaws

Get rid of these flaws and see your writing change right before your eyes!

  • Get an audio and a pdf to guide you!
  • See your writing improve by 30%!

A Value of $49

Frequently Asked Questions

But can I really afford it?

The real question you have to ask yourself is - can I really afford to not have the help and support that I need? 

The programs that I have put together are jam-packed with value and worth up to 10x what you will invest. I've tried my best to make it accessible to everyone with payments plans and different levels of commitment. I know that you can find the one that's right for you.

Will this be offered at a later date?

No.  Once this deadline is reached, I will never offer all this value at this price again. This is a reward for the beta's who took the course and invested in themselves.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind? 

I'm offering an amazing money back guarantee for the Option #3: Beta 4 Life as I'm confident I will deliver what I promise. The future courses will be created in 9 months or less.

Refunds will be offered during the first 2 weeks provided that you participated and did the work..

What happens to my current access to the course if I don't take this offer?

Your access to the course will end at midnight EST on May 3, 2017. 

As the saying goes "all good things must come to an end". This will be the case if you decide not to take advantage of this amazing opportunity but it doesn't have to be...

This Offer expires in a few days!

Pick One Now:

Option #1: Beta Alumni                    Option #2: Mastermind Group

 One payment of $147                                                                      One Payment of $597 (you save $49) or 2 Payments of $323

Option #3: Beta 4 Life

One Payment of $897 (you save $79) or 4 Payments of $244