You're the Dreamer

You promise simplicity

Three Major Keys to the Dreamer:  

  • Purity 
  • Simplicity   
  • Trustworthiness 

How to Embody the Dreamer Storytelling Style

Make sure your story is straight-talking, gimmick-free, and optimistic.

When crafting a story, focus on wholesome imagery and straightforward language. Be free and happy.

Use imagery that is natural and unfussy.

Dreamer Storytellers are honest, trustworthy, and enthusiastic.

Think: Audrey Hepburn in every one of her films.

Anything heavy-handed or guilt-inducing repulses you.

Be the smile!

How to Get Started:

  1. What does simplicity mean to you?
  2. Describe a moment of pure happiness in your life.

Use this to start thinking about your messaging through the lens of the dreamer. I'll be emailing more tips and tricks to pump up the dreamer in you.


Who does this well?