You're The Everyman/Everywoman

You Promise belonging.

Three Major Keys to the Hero:  

  • Dependability
  • Down to Earth 
  • Familiar

How To Embody The Everyman/Everywoman Storytelling Style

Your style is friendly, empathetic, and honest.

Think Homer Simpson.

Everyman/Everywoman Storytellers are down to earth, dependable, and familiar.

When crafting a story, focus on belonging and friendly language. Think welcoming and part of the gang.

Anything strange or elitist isn't your jam.

Your audience will think of you like a friend that never forgets to bring beverages to a pool party.

How To Get Started:

  1. What does dependability mean to you?
  2. Describe a moment of belonging in your life.

Use this to start thinking about your messaging through the lens of the the Everyman/Everywoman. I'll be emailing more tips and tricks to pump up the the Everyman/Everywoman in you.


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