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Hi! I'm Marcy. I'm glad you're here. I bet you're delightful. Are you looking for ideas or advice? Yes, no, huh? Let's get to know each other. I'll go first (email me about you).


Stories are my lifeblood. I like to tell them. I like to read them. Sometimes I let them speak for themselves through photos or artwork. I tried to squash my stories down for decades. I would minimize them. I would think they were no good. My eighth grade teacher taught me that I needed to make her happy to get that A. I learned how to write what she liked. At university, when I tried to write using my voice, I hated all that red ink on my papers. I gave up and used my writing skills at work. Nothing more than the day to day routine of communication. Then seven years ago, I started a blog. I experimented and tried all sorts of voices to try to figure out which one was me.


It was a learning curve. I studied, took courses, and published a few books. It was like my voice was hiding in the forest and I was looking for it with a little lantern. It was dark in those woods and sometimes I felt that my only guides were animals. I got distracted by shiny pebbles and stones. I found that I had to throw them in to the river to keep searching with my light. 


Along the path, I started developing an audience. I added horses to the picture and started creating horse portraits with messages from the horses. People were reading and responding to my inner storyteller. It felt real. It felt great. It was like people were drawn to me for me. 


Now, I want to teach you what I know. All those years of research, trial and error, and figuring it out, allows me to help you. It all boils down to knowing your storytelling style and how to let your voice sing through. No BS, no crazy mad lib templates, just get your own little lantern and follow me through the forest. It's way more fun with lots of light. 



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