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Are you a solopreneur, wannabe author, small company, or Shetland pony* who needs words NOW that won’t put people on snooze? Do you want people to LOVE what you do and give you MONEY? Oh sister! I can help you right now.


Put it this way, I help you write words that feel like you, tell your story, and make people want what you sell.


*(Why would a Shetland pony need writing help? Because Shetland ponies love an audience and are notoriously bad writers.)


Does this sounds like you?


You’ve dug deep into your ideal customer’s psyche (down to her shoe size) but you have no idea how to turn it into words that make sense on your website?

I’ll take you by the hand (don’t worry I won’t squeeze too hard) and help you speak to your client’s needs and wants. They’ll feel like you were in their head. For real!


Blank page syndrome?

You sit down to write and voila all of your words run to the south of France. I’ll help you grab a baguette and lure them back. I do laser coaching sessions that get your juices flowing.



One of your favorite websites is grammar girl but as much as you try you can’t make your website or emails come alive?

I will teach you how to free yourself from the confines of all that red ink and diagramming sentences (Was that in grade 8?). Rapunzel, let your hair down!

Ping! Ping! Ping! You’ve got ideas flying around at the speed of light but no idea where to start?

Let me take you by the hand. We’ll breathe together, roll up our sleeves, and find the perfect starting point. Everything that has been floating around in your head will find an incredible home (and maybe a flower garden too) on the page. From there we’ll work it out and find that special shinny glow that makes you stand out.



You’ve got a sales page that you hope is going to ‘make it rain’.

Get me to tighten it up! You don’t want your baby going out in the world without that final look-see.

Let's Go on A Journey Together


***(I Know All the Best Places) 

I've got my boots on and I'm ready to roll! Let's go for gold. Your storytelling gold is already in your brilliant head, you just need some help coaxing it out and getting it on the page. No matter how rough it is, it can be snazzed and cleaned up to shine. 

Along the way, you'll be the fun and swinging you. You'll leave the stiff businessperson words at home. It's so 1990s to write formal, dry, and unreadable stuff. Zzzzzzzzzz. I’ll make it stop. Getting your writing loosened up is my thing. Whether it's coaching, rewriting, or some other combo: we’ll figure out what works best for you.


Marcy's course opened doors & shattered walls that I've built around my writing. You'll learn a fresh unique way to grow your voice.

— Vanessa King



100s of people have taken this course in just a few months. It’s tried, tested, and a sure-fire way to get your voice revved up!


Course Opens


October 22, 2017

Ultimate Block Buster Writing Course

Discover How To:

• Find your storytelling style

• Utilize a step by step process to clarify your voice

• Determine what is most important for you to reveal online

• Learn what do you when you don’t know what to write

crush your writing blocks and write words that feel like you!


Stories Can Heal

Stories Can Make You Money

Stories Can Change the World


Coaching & Website Copywriting 

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Get’er Done Coaching Sessions

You’re going to have moments of struggle that need a loving (but no fluff) guide to supporting your journey. 

Working with me can mean the difference between months (or even years) of struggle and a finished project that you can proudly put your name on.

Maybe you have a half-finished manuscript that you’ve shelved, a simple idea that needs more development, a website that sounds like a drone or a jumble of concepts that need clarifying into coherent narrative. 

This is a good choice for DIY websites because your website needs to have words that fit your message like a glove (not a mitten)! Together we’ll come up with a plan to have your Home, About, Work With Me pages singing like a popstar (I would pick Prince but that’s just me).

This includes:

•2-hour session  •30 min. check-in call •1 week of email support $399


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Website Copy Done and Done!

You need your website up and running with words that nail it! Get ‘Write Website’ off of your to do list in less than a week! Can you imagine the joy you’ll feel knowing that your website is out there working for you as we speak?! Let me get it done!

This is perfect for you if you want:

• Words that sell your message

• To stop wasting time with okay copy

• Actual results (sales, conversions, referrals)

• To stop second guessing your website messaging

This includes:

~ 2-hour Brainstorming Session   ~ 1-hour Strategy Session

~ Your tagline    ~ Short Bio

~ 3 pages of web copy   ~ 2 Revisions



Marcy helped me to develop a way of drawing on the details of my experiences, intertwining them with my story in such a way as to draw a reader in to share the experience rather than simply read the words. 

She is patient, encouraging and oh so nurturing and has a true talent for extracting your own personal writing style.

I am recommending her to anyone who wants to improve their storytelling, and writing in general!

I feel so much more confident. 

-Tricia Isham